Remotes And Latches

This remote is capable of operating
one window in one direction

3 way remote

Made in the U.S.A.
Performs 3 functions.
Use two to unlatch two doors (or lock/unlock) and have one left to pop a trunk or roll down a window.  Tell us your application and we'll get you the schematic you need.
3 way w/ 1 trans  
(# 3RMT)

extra trans  (# 3RT)
actuators w/remote purchase (# ACTW)

Passenger's side window circuits
can be used for power trunk lift.

3:7 Remote Module

Made in the U.S.A.
The RPM 3:7 gives you the
power to control seven different functions with one hand.

   1. Open the driver's door
  2. Open the passenger's door
  3. Driver's window up
  4. Driver's window down
  5. Passenger's window up
  6. Passenger's window down
  7. Open the trunk

3:7 w/ 1 trans   #7RMT)
extra trans  (# 3RT) acuators
w/remote purchase (# ACTW)

Bear Claw Door Latches

Replace your antique, worn out, unsafe door latches with these 2 position Bear Claw latches. Same solid design as the new cars rolling off the assembly line today. 2 sizes to choose from for your large or smaller doors. Smaller design is released with either remote handle or power actuator. Large size is available for remote release or for use with square lug original style door handles. Works great with our latch striker plates.

Bear Claw Door Latches - Small 

Bear Claw Door Latches - Large 
Large for original
style exterior handles

Bear Claw Door Original Style 

Bear Claw Door Latch Install Plates

Bear Claw Door Latch Install Plates Makes installations easier. Steel plate has proper shape for latch opening. Welds into door.




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