Specialty Power Windows

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Specialty Power Windows   -   Complete 2 Window Kit
(Lifetime Warranty)

Lower glass channel, GM switches, complete wire harness with switch and motor plugs, flexible SS wire conduit for door opening.  Choose either chrome, black, console or armrest switches.  This regulator only requires 9-1/2" of clearance beneath the galss and bottom of door.   All kits contain written and video instructions.   

Also available in 4 window kit. Standard chrome switches.    


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Specialty Power Windows - Classic '55 - '57 Chevy Kits
(Lifetime Warranty)

Front door units are a straight bolt-in conversion, on the 2-dr. sedan and hardtops, two holes have to be drilled for the quarter glass regulator (template provided).  These kits all use AC-Delco motors.

5557-N - Nomad Complete System
5557-SD - Sedan Delivery Complete System
5557-WF - 2-Dr. Wagon Kit (front doors only)
5557-SF - 2-Dr. Sedan Kit (front doors only)
All above kits 

5557-HT - 2-Dr. Hardtop Kit (all four windows) 
5557-SW - 2-Dr. Sedan & 2-Dr. Wagon (all four windows) 
5557-CV - Convertible 


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Specialty Power Windows   -  Classic Chevy Pick-ups
(Lifetime Warranty)

Units come with all mounting hardware and instructions specific to your body style.

6772CHVPU-2P (Partial Kit) -
5559CHVPU-2P (Partial Kit) -
Above kit does not include switches, wire harness or flexible wire conduits.

6772CHVPU-2C (Complete 2 window kit) Specify switches -
5559CHVPU-2C (Complete 2 window kit) Specify switches -



Power Windows
* 3 Switches
* full crossover Wire Harness
*2 Bottom Channels
* 2 Regulators


 LECTRA-glide power windows feature a center lift and "Z" support to prevent the window from rocking. Bosch motors deliver 75 % of power. Easy no weld installation with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

     Regulators only 
     Complete Kit "B" 


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