ERS-8200-1 1932 Original Style  
ERS-8200-SS 1932 Stainless Bars  
ERS-8200-ID 1932 Stainless Steel - No Crankhole  
ERS-8200 1934 Chrome or Plain  
ERS-68-8200 1936 Plain Steel  
ERS-68-8200-NH 1936 No Crank Hole  
ERS-78-8200-NH 1937 No Crank Hole  
ERS-78-8200 1937 Plain Steel  
ERS-78-8200C 1937 Chrome  
ERS-91A-8200-B 1939 DLX, Plain Steel  
ERS-91A-8200-B 1939 DLX, Chrome  
ERS-91A-8200-BNH 1939 DLX No Crank Hole  
ERS-01A-8206/70 1940 DLX (R & L) (Bob Drake)  

All Grills Imported Except 1932



1932 Ford Original Deluxe
       1933 and 1932 Ford Deluxe
 Curved Polished

ERS  is very proud to present its newest Grille Insert, the 1932 Ford Original Deluxe. This Grille is artwork that should hang on your wall. It just so happens that it will also fit nicely into your grille shell. With the perimeter and vertical bars having Polished Front Radiuses, all the dimensions are like the Original and will be available with or without the crank hole.



All prices subject to change without notice.

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